Run workflow on new data

Hi, I am struggling to implement a new idea to my app. In theory, it sounds like it should be simple but I’ve had some issues.

When new data appears in a repeating group, run a workflow.

In this example, I’m trying to say that when new data is added to the Repeating Group, it will scroll to that entry. This feature can’t be done by simply saying that when the current user adds a new data entry because other users can add to the Repeating Group live. Think of it as a chatbox.


Here my logic was that the “Trigger scroll when …” action would work, I’ve set it up so that when the content of the last item changes the workflow would run - my logic here being is when a new item is added, the content would technically change. This is clearly not how this action works, lol.

I’d really appreciate some help on this one.

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Can you not use database trigger events?

As in these? image

I can’t see anything that would actually search to run a workflow when a new entry is added?

Should be under custom events. If not, enable your back-end API Endpoint.

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Wow, never knew about that.


Would you be referring to this?

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I have tried to implement this as I mentioned in the original post. It’s not working how I’d expected it to. It doesn’t detect new data.

If anyone could offer some further assistance I’d appreciate it!