Trouble adding/inviting "partners/friends"

I’ve looked up a bunch of different options to invite a new or current user to be a ‘partner/friend’. A simple idea I took from this forum post has the following steps outlined below, however, I cannot get the users to write into the Accountability Partner field (my screenshots follow).

This approach may not be a valid long term solution, yet it is a starting point to getting each user associated to be a ‘Partner’ to each other. Open to other ideas as well that will assign each user to each other and proper management if one no longer wants to be associated with the other user.

This does create the new user. The problem is, how to assign the current user to the new user, and the new user to the current user. Thank you so much for guidance.

  1. Current user creates an account for new user

  2. Current user assigns temp password for new user

  3. Current user sends password reset email

  4. Make change to list of: current user, list to change: accountability partners, add results of step 1? (nothing happens for me)

  5. Make changes to list of: results of step 1, list to change: accountability partners, add current user (nothing happens for me)

Invite screen:

Data field:

Step 1:

Steps 4 and 5 give me the trouble without writing into the database:

Step 5:



so I recreated this and

this one does not work because what you are doing here is adding accountability parter to all the users that “Result from step 1” has in his lists of accountability partners (and he does not have any, because he was just made). Hope it makes sense.

you should be using this this action:

same for the step 4

Thanks That was simple enough and achieved its’ objective. Definitely more streamlined than the work-around I ended up creating. Thank you for tip.

This sequence of automatically creating an account for someone and adding them to your ‘partner’ list seems like it would need another step with an approval/denial process, maybe a yes/no accepted link or something.

Would you know how to send a link to page for the newly created user to click accept?

Thanks again.


Not really sure what you mean. It depends what you want to achieve here.

What do you mean by “it would need another step with an approval/denial process, maybe a yes/no accepted link”? You mean asking the new user if he/she want to be added as accountability partner?

Actually, I’ll have to think about how much friction to create or avoid for having users be partners/friends. Less is usually more. Thanks for following up and have fun!

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