User A signs up and trigger event for User B

Hi erverybody,

Here the scenario:

  • User A invite User B to sign up and to become friends

  • User B accept the invitation and signs up

  • User A is notified that User B has accepted his invitation and has signed up

  • User A and B are friends

What is the best way do to this ? API workflow? Custom state?

Thanks for sharing your opinion.


I save the email of user b in a field, set a flag and then search for users when user b lands on the link provided by user a.

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Hi @ken,

Can you tell me how do you setup this in Bubble please?


I created a data type called “Outreach”, a flag in the user type called “Friend_Add”. When the user sends an email invitation, that info goes to those fields, the flag is set to yes and I create a n account for that email address.

The email has a link to a “New Member” page. The friend lands on that page, adds their email and name to a popup with input boxes and the app does a search for users from those inputs.


Hi @ken,

Thank you that’s almost what I did. But what happens if I want to add 2 points for each user who registers via each invitation of user A? I set up an API workflow but I am stuck. I do not know how to add 2 points to the user A who invited the user B only when User B registered.

I also used Yes/No value but I’m stuck.

I do not know if it makes sense ?

Sorry, hat does 2 points mean?

This is loyalty points :wink: I want to give 2 points per invitation only when the user (the guest) signed up.

Oh, of course! Sorry.

Use another field in the user for the loyalty points when the new member is verified.

Thank you very much. So I got it.

  • I create loyalty points in the user tab.
  • That loyalty points field is a Yes/No value type ?
  • When this value changed is Yes (Verified), the loyalty points count + 2.

But how do you link that value to the user A who invited user user B?
Indeed, User A will receive additional points but not User B unless he invites other users which also register.


the points are a number field. When the new user is verified just add “2” to that field for the user with the “friend” field set to yes and an outreach that matches the email of the new user.

Oh sorry, Yes I mean “New Member” with type value Yes/No.

Ok I will try that way and keep you posted :wink: I Hope it will work. I’m stuck for 2 days :sweat_smile:

Good luck, and, yes, bubble is a struggle for us new bubblers!

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Hi, I spent 6 hours to figure out how to soltve this problem but no way. It doesn’t work. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it seems Bubble can’t do it.

Bubble doesn’t even find information in the database:

  • I can link User A (already registered) to User B and User B …
  • When User B is registered, I can’t add 2 points to User A. IMPOSSIBLE.

I don’t even know how to structure my database. I try all possibilities.

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