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How to send an email to non user of my app and simultaneously gets added to the group of the person who send the invite


Is it possible to send an email invite to a person who is not a user in my app and to get added in a my group when I send the invite.

I am creating a syndicate page which shows team members details( photo, name and small bio).
If this person is not a user in my app, i want to send an email for that particular user which in turn comes to my app and create an account. But soon after he creates an account he has to be included in my team members list.

Is this achievable?

Thank you


  1. Creat a new team-member when creating the invite link
  2. The invite link should have a parameter containing this team member’s unique ID
  3. When the user makes an account using the invite link, have a workflow add him to parameter’s team

Hi @doublejay,

How do you actually do step 3? I currently have step 1 and 2 in place:

The users get redirected to this page:

This page has the slug: /version-test/friend_invite/1636108339135x768014569902048300
The code on the end is the unique id of the user who has send the invite.

When a user want to sign up, the view’s state is changed to another group. So the user remains on this page. But now the hardest part comes. How do I add this user to the friendlist of the user who has send the invite? (below the current workflow when button sign up is clicked)

I hope that you can help me with that! Highly appreciated.

Did you figure this out? I’m also trying to create a unique invite link.

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