Positioning button under repeating group with different heights

Hi! I have a repeating group where the number of cells changes (and therefore the height of the group). I want to put a button under the group but have that button move up just under the last cell (i.e. shrink the size of the repeating group to the size of the cells that are called up). Hope that makes sense! I’m probably missing something silly.

Thanks a mill!

Hi Steve,

As long as the repeating group and its parent group are set to “fit height to content” and the parent container that contains both the button and the RG group is a responsive layout type, this should work as you expect it to.

Hi Sam,

Thanks a million for getting back to me. Apologies, I’m probably being very thick here but I can’t see where to set the Repeating Group or Parent Group to “fit height to content”. Screenshots attached from the repeating group and container group. I wonder do I need to change a setting somewhere else like at the page level (last screenshot shows settings there).

Thanks again!

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