Trouble Updating Image in Database

I’m attempting to create a dynamic page to be used as a customizable webpage for customers. When they sign up for an account, they are given access to edit their fundraiser page. I have set up the data source fundraiser which contains the various customizable elements of their page. I’ve been able to get the page to pull the appropriate data such as a header image that the user uploads.

I’m now trying to allow the user to update the header image. I have a pop up set up with an image uploader. The thought is that when they click update the image in the database will be replaced with their new image. For the life of me, I cannot get it to work in the workflow. Any ideas?

I’ve also created two buttons with conditional statements. The ‘update’ button should appear when the Header image exists in the database. The ‘save’ button if it’s their first time setting up the page and no header image exists. For some reason, the update button never appears even after an image is created in the database.

This is beyond my expertise but I do wonder if it is something to do with data access/privacy rights. The user is not logged in. How is the database set up? Can users that are not logged in, or not part of a predefined role access the data and/or make changes. I think that would be where I would first start digging. As I said, it’s not an area of expertise but it is my best guess.

Can you post a few screenshots of your setup (design view and workflows)?

With the image uploader, you want to be sure that this is connected to a “make changes to a thing” workflow (with the thing being the fundraiser’s image. Be sure that the workflow is referencing the picture uploader’s value and not the current fundraiser’s image.

As well, when you’re using conditional statements, be sure that the thing that you’re referencing has a proper data source associated with it. (Ie. if the button is referencing the parent group’s fundraiser, ensure that data is being properly displayed in the parent element).

Dan (creator of LearnTo)