Trouble with filtering data source on RG

Hey bubblers,

I am running into an issue with a data source for a repeating group.

I have the following data types:

  • Visit Offers
  • Visit Dates

Within my Visit Offers, I have a data field for VisitDates (a list of visitdateses)

I have my workflows setup and they seem to be working correctly:

This being said, while trying to create and filter my data source for a RG, to only display Visit Offers which have visit dates for today, I can’t seem to get it to display ALL of the Visit Offers which meet this criteria.

I have these constraints for date (today):

Date ≥ Current Date/Time: rounded down to day
Date < Current Date/Time: rounded down to day: +(days) 1

and had luck filtering for today, but it is only allowing me to show a single result (Visit Offer) in my repeating group.

Can you identify some glaring issue that I am missing? How can I not choose just the first or last item, but all items which meet this criteria??

Here is where I am stuck:

Thank you thank you thank you!

Maybe do a search for Visit Dates instead of for Visit Offers, constrain the visit dates within your timeframe (as well as matching them to the relevant Visit Offer), and then use Each Item’s Visit Offer: unique elements: filtered: accepted yes…

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Thanks for getting back to me, Adam! Quick question on this idea -

Would this above be the beginning of that setup? I read it as flipping my type of content and data source to visitdates

No you need to leave the Content Type as it was (Visit Offer) and define the list to show as a search for VisitDates (constrained accordingly): each item’s Visit Offer: unique elements.

That, of course, assumes that your VisitDate Datatype has a field for the relevant VisitOffer… and if it doesn’t then you might want to add one (or even create a new datatype to link an offer to a date if necessary).

The only alternative is to use an advanced filter… which may, or may not, cause performance issues, depending on how complex it is and how much data you’re handling.

If it’s not a lot of data then it might not be an issues, so if your database isn’t set up accordingly, you could try using an advanced filter first before making any changes to your data structure.

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Ok thanks for clarifying! I had already tried to switch out for visitdates in my content/data source so my mind went there first.

I do not have a data field for visit dates on my visit offers (I do have the other way around) but I think I can manage it with a workflow - let me play with it and see if it unblocks me - thanks so much you are the best!


Hey Adam - so I managed to get the VisitOffers data field on to my VisitDates.

Is that image above how you envisioned I build out the search? I have never used unique elements so wasn’t positive on that part of your advice - thanks!

Or like this one here:

No… like i said previosuly, the RG datasource needs to start with a search for VisitDates:

Like this…

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Wow, Adam - thank you so much! This solved my issues, I really appreciate your time and expertise.


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