Condition in repeating group data source

Hi Everyone,

I need your help with the following:

I have a repeating group that displays search results of items for sale from my database.

The user can filter the results using an input slider (price range) and some checkboxes (attributes).

What I need to do:
Some of the items for sale, have a field of open_for_offers=true and I need to include these items in the search results if the user checks the “Open for Offers” checkbox, and only for these results, I need to ignore the price range that the user selected.

So basically I need a condition inside the data source filtering.

Can anyone help me with that?



You should start with the Bubble lessons (you’ll have a popup when you create your account).
From what I remember, the Todo app lesson (the last lesson) teaches you exactly what you’re looking for.

Don’t skip them, they’re very well made and pretty short :-).

@fish I have a similar issue. I used the “Facet Filter for Things” plug-in. Super simple to use, does exactly what you want it to do. Set the Filter data source and set your search results to the data source. It will provide a filtered list based on your active filters.

Can you please send me the link?
I can’t find it.

Hey @eddie5 ,

Do you think I can achieve this without a plugin? As suggested…?


Yes, of course. Time, Money and Effort, pick two.

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