Troubles Parsing API - AlphaVantage

Hey guys, I’m trying to use the Alpha Vantage API, but having troubles parsing the data. Any way to make the data more readable?

Each data point is coming on it’s own, and not structured under date.

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You will not be able to use this API in Bubble API connector. You can consider building a plugin or use a third party tool to transform the JSON

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I would personally create an Azure Function that does the following

Step 1: Pulls the data from the Alpha Vantage API
Step 2: Transforms the data from the JSON you receive into the format you need
Step 3: Then you can use the API connector to on bubble to get your formatted data

Doesn’t have to be an Azure function, basically any tool that lets you input data, perform a script and then output as an API data.

Thanks @EliteDataEngineer @Jici

That’s gonna be a bit of work! Have you guys done something like this before? Any suggestions or examples?

@abhinav1 It’s extremely simple, 1 - 2hrs max to setup.

I would use either Perplexity or Phind to learn it and not ChatGPT as the former use live sources.

They will also provide you with the code you need for the script.

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It’s actually not that terrible, plus you can send back a proper JSON object that bubble can understand. Building a plugin to do this would require an element on your page to re-parse the json stringy and return it via state. not ideal.

@EliteDataEngineer +1