Trulia Clone - Residential real estate web app for home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate professionals

Today I had the craziest idea to clone Trulia. After only working on Bubble for the past month, I think I’m getting the hang of things. The front-end design is almost complete. 30-50 more pages to go. You can check-out my progress here:

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looks good - still working on it! What are you using to pull in MLS listings?

I haven’t got that far. The pictures that you are seeing are static photos that I found online. Eventually, I’ll have to pull in MLS listings via an API call. Still haven’t determine all of the tools I’ll need to make this happen. Nevertheless, I’d like to generate some initial validation before devoting anymore time to completing the site. What projects are you working on?

This looked pretty good for MLS api but it requires that MLS providers approve you for access since they own that data.

Getting access to the MLS data is going to be your biggest hurdle. A lot of MLSs limit the amount of IDX vendors they allow to access the data. If you can even get in, then you’ll typically need a brokerage to agree to use you to access the data as a third party provider.

Maybe easy to ask my realtor but I’d have to pitch here on my project idea to get her to allow me rights to her credentials. Besides that, I had another idea for how to make great use of this app without it being known as a Trulia clone. Should I still try my luck with the trulia clone?

Hey guys, I just released my new web app, Naptivity, entirely built on bubble. Naptivity is a luxury accommodations web app similar to Airbnb and HomeAway. Check it out, sign up, and let me know your thoughts!