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Truncate From End To....?

Here is the data I receive from the API:

Is there a way to truncate/trim off the letter at the beginning of each lat and longitude so that it’s just a number?

When i truncate from end to X it creates a type error and the error doesn’t describe the issue. I’m not even sure if this function in bubble will be able to truncate from the end to the letter either?

i’ve been trying to use the “Split Text by Custom Separator” Blockspring for something very similar. I’m trying to use the block to remove the “www.” from the beginning of a URL. I’m currently having trouble getting this specific Blockspring to work, but this block should work for your case, based on your description. I have an email out to Blockspring support, waiting to hear back. My specific issue is that Blockspring does not recognize the separator (www.).