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Truncate/trimm certain part of text (URL)


maybe somebody can help here? I have the following problem.

I want the user to enter a specific amazon URL and then I want to populate several fields by the URL. So far I have set up blockspring and it is working fine.

Maybe I havent thought all the options through regarding input from blockspring/amazon API but I wanted to do this as simple as possible.

  1. The user enters a URL. For example:

  2. Now I want bubble to trimm/truncate the URL so it throws out everything but the product id, which always comes after /dp/ . In this case this would be /dp/B019DHTGI2

  3. Now with this ID all the other groups now what to populate

I could do 2. in excel very easily but I cant figure out how to do this in bubble.

Does anybody know how to do that OR is there even an easier way?

Thank you guys!!