Shorten Urls and add

I am trying to shorten my users website Urls and I like to display them like in Twitters profiles.

I tried to use chracter limit with and input field and regex but in this case, I cannot add the three dots (…) after the shortend URL like Twitter does

My user is giving me this url:

Desired output:

Hi @bubble48

  1. You want to do two things: Get rid of the https://
  • You can do this by applying ‘find and replace’ and replace https:// with nothing
  • You can apply the find and replace function multple times to do the same for http://, https://www., http://www.
  1. You can shorten the url using truncat
  • First: count the number of characters (’:number of characters’) - if the value is longer than you want it to be, apply :truncat and add … as a static text after the truncated value

Hope this helps

Awesome thx!