Trying create right category database with option sets

I am trying to build forum like Quora where users can post questions and answers.

The issue is that I am trying to create a page with list of categories
and users will be navigated to list of questions within the category when they click each selection.

Categories are created in the Option sets, and data from option sets are displayed in the category page, but i am having trouble showing questions sorted by the clicked category on different page

Just so you know, I have read through “How to Build Qoura”, which is a great example
but there isnt any explanation on categorizing.

i dont know if i should use option sets in this case or simply build Category type in the datebase.

I hope someone can help me with this
thank you

Hello @kuremiya.y !
I’m not sure to understand but i think you may have an Option Set Question with an Attribute link to the parent’s category (or subject in your case i think) it makes able to filter and show what you want in a reapeting group.
I hope i helped you!