Trying to add HTML and CSS, not showing?

Hello, I’m trying to add this HTML and CSS to my bubble page, but i can’t seem to make it to work? Been trying to watch a few tutorials but no luck.

Can someone guide me in the right direction? seems like a simple fix?

Kind regards :grin:

Bumping this, still no luck…

Still looking for help :confused:

what have u tried?

Pasting the HTML in the page header and CSS in a HTML element with & and a few more thigns but no luck, could you share a editor?

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It’s not animated? :thinking: (Oh you’re working on it rn)

I had to edit the CSS since it was using SCSS and now it should work.

Ohh okey, thank you so much for taking your time to help! May i ask what SCSS is and why that was an issue?

You’re welcome! SCSS has to be compiled before-hand.

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