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Trying to build something similar to Hacker News

Okay, so I’m trying to do something exactly similar to Hacker News in which the user inputs a Title and URL, then it comes out as one single link on the main page with up/down votes functionality.

However, I’m stuck on two things:

  1. Moving the right data type from my submit page to my index page’s repeating groups.

Here’s a picture of my index page:

  1. How to include the link submitted, like what is the Field Type for URL links?

Field type should just be text. On the UI element text, check the box “recognize links”

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Thanks, I fixed that, but it didn’t solve the problem.

I’ll explain in better detail what I’m trying to do. I have two inputs: Title & URL.

And if all goes well then, the Title would show up on my index page and I could click it and it would direct me to the URL that was inputted earlier. Right now, only the Title show’s up. The problem is that I’m passing through the wrong data type through my Go to page action.

If you want to go to the URL of the submission, why would you navigate the user to the index page? Wouldn’t you open an external URL with the link provided?

Use case scenario:

  1. User types the title of the article and copy/paste the link to the article.
  2. User clicks “submit” and is taken to the index page (the main page for now). The user’s submission is listed in ranked descending order by the number of votes.
  3. User clicks on the article submitted and is taken to the address of the URL submitted.

Does that make sense?

Your index page shouldnt have any data content set to it then (because it will be all posts).

Really? I did that and it didn’t work.


Also, here are my settings for the index page in case I am doing something wrong here:

And I believe I made URL recognizable within my repeating group.

Remove “Content” from the “Type of content” setting on the index page. You don’t need anything there.

Already tried that. I feel like there is something missing. Are you sure there’s not some kind of workflow I’m supposed to include? Like how does the data know that when I click the title on index page, that it will take me to the link pasted in submit page?

You are displaying the submissions in a repeating group, right? So each cell corresponds to a particular submission. Clicking on the submissions title would start a workflow.

The workflow would be “open an external website” or “open a URL in a new tab” and the URL would be “current cells LINK”

Yes, but that’s not happening.

Here is a picture of where the articles would be on the front page. I keep clicking the title and nothing happens

That’s my problem.

Just here to point out that “exactly similar” is an oxymoron :slight_smile: