Trying to create a "card's list" for products

Hello guys,

I’m trying to create a list in forms of cards, but I’m having some issues and I wanted to ask for help.

Here’s the thing, I putted a dropdown so people can select what category is looking for, but the problems is that everytime they change the dropdown, the list do not change. I did a repeating group and only shows me the promotions that I added to the database, but it do not show me the promotions of a category when I selected in the dropdown, what can I do?

@ciyepiz The repeating group needs to be a ‘Do a Search for’ that equals Dropdown’s value

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If I understand correctly from this post and another one you made, what you want to do is create a “thing” called category with a field “name” that is type text. You can add categories from the data tab or build yourself an admin area.

Next, you will need to add a field on the thing you want to give a category to and choose type “category”. If each thing only gets one category, leave the “make list” option unchecked. If it can have multiple categories, check it.

Next, you will need to bind the category to the thing. The best way is to build yourself a little admin area. Add the multi dropdown element to a repeating group. I can’t remember if this is a plugin that you have to enable or not. Have the multi dropdown do a search for categories and the repeating group search for the things you are going to give a category. Add a button within the repeating group. Create a workflow that will make a change to a thing >current cell’s thing and add the multidropdown’s value when you click on the button. If a thing will have multiple categories you will add the multi dropdown’s value as a list. Preview your page and bind the categories to the things in your admin section.

Now, you can create a search and display for all things that have the category that you bound to the thing. Add a dropdown that does a search for categories. Add a repeating group that searches for things with a constraint where category equals the dropdown’s category.

Now, when you change the dropdown’s value it should dynamically change the repeating group’s results to display any things that have that category bound to them.

Sale, amigo?

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I’ll try to do this just as you told me, hope it works for me.

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If you run into problems post back here and we can take a look at it.

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