Display and save search with multidropdown in repeating group

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Alright now that I am really really stuck with this issue for a few days now hence reopening this topic.

I have a repeating group of ingredients (type text) which contains a multidropdown. This multidropdown searches for items sub-category (text) which can be a single thing (Sub-category) or multiple things (more than one subcategory). I am trying to display multidropdowns selected sub-categories in another repeating group, but it just displays one subcategory at a time, if I select another one then it replaces the previous one.

I have made a small video to explain the issue.


Second I want these selected subcategories to be sent to database as a list of subcategories so that they all can be summed up in a shopping cart.

Please help.

I learnt it the hard way, what I am trying to achieve is not possible with multi dropdown, or maybe I am not hitting the right spot, I accomplished it using a checkbox in a repeating group. I guess the reason is the :minus item, which does not seem to be possible in a multi dropdown or even a regular dropdown.

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