Trying to create a filter-able calendar

Hi everyone! I’m trying to build a service marketplace where parents can book online with a childcare provider.
Each provider has their own profile with their information but I’m stuck on their calendars.

So they would be able to log in and add/take away availability (date and time + information eg cannot provide lunch)

And when a parent searches, they search by location and date needed. So the search will need to filter the calendars by who is available.

And finally, when a parent clicks the profile, the calendar will be there for parents to select the date, view the information and book/pay.

To summarise, I need a calendar that providers can edit in their accounts, the search will filter who has availability and the parents can select the date-book-pay.
Any plugins, videos or docs to help with this? I’m building alone and on limited funds

It seems that @jared.gibb can iluminate your path :flashlight:

@melka I’ve got some free resources to help you learn and think about how to create this (data structure, some copy-able elements, etc), and also a plugin that works to help tie it all together. You can check it out here: TopCal Plugin

The trickiest part with this type of setup is the Search and Filtering, especially if you have a lot of Calendars/Accounts that need to be searched.
I describe one way to do this here: Searching for "who's available" (I'm using TopCal plugin)

But if there are a lot of Calendars/Accounts to search through and you would want to optimize the search UX over other areas of your app, then you may want to save every available vs booked time slot directly on the calendar’s instead of running a Free/Busy workflow on every Search

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