Trying to make a collapsible menu

Im trying to make a collapsible menu and my idea was to place a group inside a group.

in the parent group (menu), i added a conditional statement when this group (menu) is hovered show child group.

I have attached a screenshot of my statement.

I feel im making a silly mistake any help would be awesome.

Try putting the conditional on the sub menu group instead of the parent group :wink:

I have tried that and no success. if i use an on click event it works but wont work with on hover

Just tried it and it works fine. Your condition on the submenu group should look like this:


Make sure to use the ‘This element is visible’ not the ‘ID Attribute’

Try browsing youtube channel of guy named noLogo
there are few good examples

Check this video hers are the best!

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Brilliant! thanks for the video link. i have watched several of her videos and really like thim. Not sure how i missed the one i was looking for :slight_smile:

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