Help with repeating group sub menu

I am trying to make sub menu items under a repeating group using option sets.

I have options set to each main category (Dashboard, Reports, etc). Then, I made additional options sets that have been added as a list of attributes under each main category.

Currently, I am trying to setup the menu so that when clicked, the url determines which page will show up when the user clicks on one of the menu items.

This is the logic when clicking the button:

I am having trouble finding the correct logic for the group of each subcategory. Here is an example screenshot in one:

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 3.28.11 PM

There are no errors in this but it does not change the url when clicked. Anyone know the correct logic for it?

Hi Paul,

Here is a video that will help you greatly to understand how to send parameters etc…
Please take the time to watch it, you may think some things will not apply to you but I guarentee you that it will…
I’m french and english isn’t my first language but the video was very clear to me

Bon courage :blush:

Thank you,

So I watched this video however it does not address my original question about sub menus. As I already setup the main menus as this guy describes.

Based on picture you’ve uploaded, I assume you’re building a single page app.

Try to use arbitrary text, just like this.

Fill the “arbitrary-text” with your sub option’s display, then set the conditional of your group/page/whatever it is to be shown only when get page from page URL :item #2 is "arbitrary-text"

Hope this help cheers :beers:

Thank you for your response. I think I am still getting the logic wrong. Can you take a look at this?

Also, here is a link to my app if you want to look?

Hi again,

Sorry for not to get back to you immediately.

  1. Delete this workflow.

  2. Set the conditional of your “Page-Group” to be shown only when get page from page URL :item #2 is "arbitrary-text" and make sure to choose Path segments as list.

Screenshot 2022-07-19 194510

If you wonder why is it :item #2 ?

This is how we define the list’s number.


dashboard = :item #1
reports = :item #2

If you find this difficult, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Wow it worked! thank you so much, have been trying to figure this out for three days!

Would you happen to know how I could make the submenu collapsable?

  1. Right click on you main page then create a custom state called “Collapse”.
  2. Set its type to “Text”


  1. Create workflows for each main menu button. The action called “Set state of an element”.

  1. Set it to its button_name. (for example : set its value to “dashboard” if it’s for dasboard_button)

  1. Add conditional to your Submenu-Group (please be noted, that your submenu-button should be inside a group).

  1. Also make sure your Submenu-group is visible on page load and collapse when hidden.

Hope it helps!

Thank you!

I am not able to get this working so far. It seems that any custom state I make on my page does not show up in the workflow. Since my repeating groups are the buttons and the sidebar is a floating group, I tried to make the conditional on the floating group. However, the logic still does not seem to work.

Any suggestions?

Just give me access to edit your app