Trying to make a Stripe Portal App

Hi! So i m very new to bubble and i’m probably going to appear as a total noob in this, but long story short, i have to make an app for my work project which is basically a stripe customer portal app. Here is what i want to build:

First Login Page:
Input box → put your super secret customer ID here…
Login button → leads to a stripe customer portal.

Email my secret customer ID button → they put their email, that email gets crossed referenced in Stripe and if found, it should it emails them their customer ID number which it pulls from their profile.

Now. i figured out how to make the “Login button” work. So like when they put their customer ID, they login to the portal.

What i m stuck at is how to make the "email my secret customer ID " button work. So like what do i do to make it so when they put their email in and press the button, it finds that person in Stripe, pulls their customer ID and emails it to them?

So if anyone knows how to do this and has the time to answer this, THANK YOU!