Trying to make an input reject an entry that already exists

Hi there! Mostly new to bubble, but I have a fair grasp on using and editing it at the moment. I develop a roleplay community’s police database system. Currently, when a player registers their car in our system, they enter the license plate number, however duplicate license plates sometimes occur.

I am trying to find a way to make the input reject the entered plate or something similar. Currently, license plates are under a “vehicle” data type in a text field named “plate”. How can I make the input reject the entered plate if said entered plate already exists in the “plate” data section?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

make a conditional argument on the element itself, Like turn red or disable SAVE button, when conditions met

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I intend to do something like that, but my issue is I dont know how to make the system detect when the typed entry already exists in the database.

Essentially, I know hos to make it reject it, but I dont know how to make it detect that the license plate already exists on the system in order for it to reject it

Hope it helps

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That depends what “already exists” means in your context. But assuming there are one or more fields that are the “key”…

Have a condition which is a count>0 and the search being for those columns.


Heres an example:

Person A registers a vehicles details on the system with the license plate “12ABC345”

Person B goes to register a vehicle and tries to type the plate “12ABC345.”

I want to make it so that person B’s entry is rejected because person A has already used that plate, to prevent duplicate license plates existing

In your vehicle database make vehicle number as “Primary Key”, So no duplicates will be able to enter

Put a condition on one or more elements …

So … make the field go red border, set the button to not clickable, make some text appear.


There are no doubt more elegant UI solution, but that is the basis.


Thanks guys! I’ll give these a go and see how it goes, really appreciate the help

@NigelG @melon
Thanks so much for the help! I’ve been able to get it working!

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