Trying to recreate my own currency like Bitcoin

I have some kind of business, willing to give you a percentage and a spot in return for helping me out making it real. So the plan is about creating a new currency, 10 different ones. You might know Bitcoin and others, well i’m trying to recreate it and make my own. And I need help. I need the app and website done and other stuff also. I’d name the app Inside Time the website where all the wallets are stored should be Tomorrow. We will have 10 different currencies.


We’d add an ability to convert from one another so basically they can trade/buy/sell for example:

60 seconds to 1 minute
60 minutes to an hour
24 hours to 1 day
7 days to a week
4 weeks to 1 month
12 months to a year
10 years to 1 decade
10 decades to a century
10 centuries to 1 millenium

I hope you understand, and are willing to cooperate.

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Did you manage to create anything?

not yet, I mean its being developed. IF you can help in any kind of way then mail me at thanks.

Hi @duceofrivia ,

I’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency world since 2014. I am quite curious.
Bubble can certainly create your front ends/apps. I assume you are planning on making your currency decentralized… what blockchain will you be running on? Or are you planning on cloning or creating your own?


I am not yet 100% sure but as of now cant decide, maybe my own or adopted by other well see, if youd like to join the crew,

It is very interesting to create your own cryptocurrency. But, in my opinion, the market is now full, and recently there has been a very strong competition between cryptocurrencies. But in any case, the strongest currency remains bitcoin, and a few more, where all people start to invest large amounts of money. In my opinion, now is not the best time to create your own currency. The next time it will be good to put your own cryptocurrency on the cryptocurrency market, it will be when bitcoin reaches the existing limit, and it will already need other cryptocurrencies instead of the growing bitcoin. So an idea I read on a training site And I am agree with this idea.

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