Is it possible to convert currency to time?

Hi! Is this even possible? I surely cannot figure out the calculate formula function lol

Umm… whut?

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That’s good weed.

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haha what I mean is it possible to set $1.00 as a minute of time for advice so if someone pays 1.00 is it possible to have that reflected as one minute of credit for a user

How are you determining beginning and end? States? I would subtract the end time from the beginning time, extract the minutes, and round it to one.

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i havent even begun i keep putting this project off because I think that is the one part that I will not be able to get and I was hoping to buy a platform currency course from cobubble tomorrow but it’s been delayed.

Without seemingly ruining a sale for @copilot, it is entirely possible to do what you’re doing. Their solution will be in context with their course.

I hope this answer makes sense. I’m still recovering from the question.

Hey @techninjoe,

The Platform Currency course does cover credit systems, among other things. We always recommend giving things a go on your own before reaching out for assistance; it’s a great learning tool. :slight_smile:

@scottb50 You’re all good!

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I was prepared to buy it tomorrow but was just told that it is delayed until “the future” i tried doing it myself somewhat but it makes no sense to me how its even possible

Did the math above solve the problem?

You can just use two inputs one set to currency and the our to integer and set the value off the integer to the value of the currency.

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