Trying to Save Something to the database

Hi all,

I am trying to save a new thing to the database when a user types something into the searchbox but nothing is saving into the database - I was wondering if anybody can help.

Basically, I want to capture what users type in to the searhbox and store it in the database as a new ‘search’. When I enter any text in the search box and press enter nothing is actually saving.

The Search Box is displaying a list of restaurants that are in the database and when the the value changes I am taking users to another page. I want to be able to capture whatever users search into the database. Please see the below

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 07.03.48

You need to check the ‘Allow entries not in list when typing’ box in order to be able to access the Search box’s typed text.

Thank you for solving as always! Really appreciate it

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