Set Value of a Dropdown From an Action

Hey everyone… can I set the value of a dropdown from an action? :thinking:

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No you can’t, but you can put it in a group of the same content type, set its default value to the group’s value and set the group’s value in a WF action.


You could also use a custom state and use the workflow action, ‘Set state’ to then reference on the dropdown e.g. text or number based value.


I’m trying to do this right now with my app. I hope in the future that they can add this feature to Bubble.

My app has two views each with a similar dropdown and I’m looking for consistency when users move between both of them.

I’m also looking at this and cannot find a way to set the value of the dropdown.

A good example is a Repeating Group row is selected and based on what is selected it displays that in the dropdown default value. When you open the dropdown it must of course show the standard list of data items.

Then the Popup or the Left Group contains dropdowns and the preselected value would be the selected item.

  • whichever RG row is clicked shows value in dropdown as its default) Th
  • The user may select options from the dropdown if desired.