Trying to verify users if they have a full profile

I’m trying to make my app easy to sign up for, but I still need clear user information before the user could freely use the app.

I’ve created a data field called ‘complete?’ (yes/no), which I plan to update once the Profile (a data type under user) has been completely filled (using autobinding)

Please tell me there is another way than this (p.s. I don’t have access to backend workflows):

No, else how would Bubble know which fields are required for onboarding to be complete?

For some apps I have an Onboarding Stage option set which shows which stage of onboarding the user is on (e.g when they add their name I changed their Stage to Name Complete, then when they add their DOB on the next page I might change it to DOB Complete and I know which is the last option in the onboarding flow so when X is complete I can mark their onboarding as complete).

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