Unable to display listof images in a Repeating group

I am unable to display a list of images in my repeating group. I am currently doing Airdev week 1 assignment and I am stuck on how to get the list of images on the repeating group. I’m not sure what else to do.

Is logo an image field or a list of images in Product data type?

A repeating groups expects a list as input.
It seems you are giving the RG a single object, which is why the data source is all red in your editor.

As you are learning I won’t give you the answer directly, but I can tell you you should look closer into the RG “Type of content”.
It is not a “Product” you are trying to display a list of. As this threads title suggest, it is a list of images.

I just updated the photos. I am trying to have the group of images from a single product show up on the Repeat group, but I am not sure how.

No, sorry. Please check the new photos and if possible give me a detailed explanation of what I did wrong.

The logo is supposed to be the first cell in the repeating group, afterwards is the list of product images. This is the instructions that Airdev is asking for but I don’t know how to do it. Any online tutorials on how to do that?

Logo is image field. It’s supposed to be the first image on the repeating group and afterwards are the list of images of the product.

You totally can place 1 repeating group inside another :wink:

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Interesting, I will try that.

Thank you, helped me. :grinning: :grinning:

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I sent you some more screenshots, can you critique how well I did.