Turn Rows from User-Uploaded CSV Into A Dataset


We have the following data structure
user > jobs > item
On user can have many jobs
One job can have many items
Each job has a CSV upload

These are private. Only a user can see his/her jobs. An item is only associate to a job.

Each job has an CSV that the user uploads. We would like to take the user-uploaded CSV, and create a new record from each row in the items table.


This is not something we support yet.

I saw this on your documentation page, but I could not find the feature within the app.

How do I access this? I might be able to use Zapier to help get this done, if you can point me in the right direction,

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Ok. Understood. It’s not possible to creat a list of things from the data in a CSv file.

So I have moved onto using the Exec style table plugin. Would that work? Still having a hard time creating a list of things.

My apologies, I hadn’t read the critical piece to your requirement – a user can upload the csv.

I’m not sure if that is possible in Bubble. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Whilst I don’t think you can “upload a csv” I would think you could do something with an email of the csv file. So parse the data into the API somehow. That is the way into the database that will be easiest. Zapier might do it, well I know you can parse emails into Zapier but dealing with the repeating data might be interesting. Or something else that can take the csv and send it to an API.

Is it possible to Turn Rows from User-Uploaded CSV Into A PRIVATE Dataset yet??

Has anyone found a workaround for this? I want to allow users to upload csv with their contacts.

Yes, no workaround needed. You can upload a csv directly into a bubble table now.

Great news! Thanks