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Tweet display based on user location and time

Hello, I’m new to bubble and have no coding knowledge so bare with me.

I’m learning Bubble through a Tweeter’s clone and I’m kinda stumped on how to display tweets from everyone that within a distance near me. For instances, I want to see tweets from people who are 500 meters from me only, and they tweet it 30 mins ago.

Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.


You would have to create a database for storing the tweets and the information that goes with it (ex. the text, the location of user, time/date). Than you could use the repeating group to display the tweets and the conditions to filter the ones you want to see.

It’s actually simple and very useful once you have taken the time to learn how bubble works.

You could use the Twitter API. That has geolocation, and also “recent” tweets as a parameter.

This would use the Bubble API Connector.

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