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Hey hey fellow Bubblers!

I’m stuck with Twilio auto-responder. Here is what I need to achieve :

I send texts to my users. If they reply back, I can set up, Bubble side, an auto-response (can do it Twilio side, but more complicated if I want to put some dynamic datas from Bubble).

To send, I use the plugin from @ZeroqodeTeam that is great and works like a charm.

To respond, I set up a Backend API WF, like this :

When I set it up, it asked to initialize, it worked fine !

But when I tried to test it, it said I need to remove the initialize mode. So I removed from the Twilio POST request the /initialize at the end of the url

And then I tried it again, and there is the error message I got from Twilio :


So I need to allow (I think) Twilio to send data to my bubble App, but i really don’t know how to do it.

I first create an API key for Twilio in the bubble API settings :


But how can I put it in the GET request ? or maybe this is not what I need to do ??

Thanks for helping !!!

Hello, @Sarah_Esteve!

We truly value your time and message.

Our plugin, in collaboration with the Twilio platform, is used to send messages, so this is its main purpose. And your idea of using it requires integration with Twilio, which is done through the API Connector.

The message of an error you are getting is not related to our plugin, therefore, unfortunately, we won’t be able to assist, as your use case is not related to our plugin’s functionality or set up and therefore is beyond our support services.

I am really sorry about this.

So, from my side, I can provide you with some sources, which will help you in your case. First, try to check this link with the documentation for the API workflow:

Also here is some of Twilio’s documentation, in case you haven’t go through it yet:

Set up an SMS Auto-Responder with Twilio Studio | Twilio : here you can find info on how to set up auto messages via Twilio

I’ve also checked the Bubble community forum and found a couple of threads, that might be informative for you :

And in this long thread there are different scenarios for Twilio and API Connector connections.

I really hope it will be helpful!

And, of course, if you are going to have some questions regarding the plugin itself and its functionality - just drop us a line!

Best regards.

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Hello @ZeroqodeSupport

I know the error encountered is not about your plugin. But don’t you think about adding to your plugin the capacity to respond to text ?


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