How To Use Twilio 2-Way SMS Inside Of Bubble

I’m wondering how to best connect Bubble to Twilio to allow our team to send a message BACK to the user via Twilio text message when they respond back to us.

Has anyone configured 2-way SMS messaging inside of their bubble application so that we can respond back to people when they reply back to an SMS message?

@copilot may have done this but i’m not sure.

Just expose your POST API then create an API endpoint and define the endpoint url in your account with them. As a user sends a message it will be posted to your endpoint and you can turn the data (message, message details) into a bubble thing with a new message marker. Then use the API comnector to setup your own POST to send the reply using either the message Id or senders number (they vary as to what you send as a reference to the message thread).


For all web hooks like this, i assume you need to allow the endpoint to be hit without authentication? Is that right?

It depends, some providers allow you to define credentials but for the most part you would be pretty safe capturing headers and verifying info came from the source you expected and only when condition the flow from the endpoints condition.

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