Twilio Chat (not video) Integration

It would be great if you provide this integration so marketplace apps can allow their users to chat with other.


You can probably easily set this up via Bubble’s api. I’ve set up sms and fax with trillions and it’s relatively straight forward. They have good documentation on the required calls.


Thank you for the suggestion but sending an sms and creating a chat functionality are quite different. I can also send SMS messages via Twilio since it is simply calling a REST API end.

@kaanaksoy81 well said, SMS and chat may seem similar, but they’re actually quite different means of communication and can serve entirely different purposes. Each has its own strengths and limitations, and which one is best suited for your app will depend on what you need.

While SMS certainly has use-cases it’s well suited for, it also comes with several limitations that many app users might find prohibitive. And while chat typically offers more functionality and flexibility, it comes with constraints such as needing to be connected to the Internet. I would suggest other chat provider Like MirrorFly

Thank you for your reply @richardonline90.
do you know if they are “integrated” with bubble?

@kaanaksoy81, did u eventually find plug-in for Twilio or any other in-app Chat (and not video, sms)? I have similar needs.

Unfortunately. I haven’t :frowning: