Twilio Help - Receiving Message Status on failed/undelivered

Hey guys,

This has less to do with Bubble and more to do with Twilio, but I figured someone here has ran into this before.

I’m muddling my way through Twilio. I’ve created my own API calls to successfully POST a message and send a SMS. yay!

However, I’m trying to catch a webhook from Twilio, filter whether the SMS status is “failed” or “undelivered” and then change the user-attribute “receiveSMS” (yes/no) to “no”. I’ve gone through Twilio’s API docs, I’ve set up an endpoint to catch Twilio’s status feedback, but something is breaking after that.

I believe my test call is correct:

From my Bubble logs, it seems the endpoint is being initialized… there’s record of it running, but the action conditions that should be passing are failing, which makes me thing the body of the response is being ignored.

What am I doing wrong?

Spent all that time to write it up, simply removed the /initialize, and now the call works.

I guess I’m a newb to webhooks within Bubble. If anyone has introductory resources to share with me (and others who stumble upon this), please reply with links!