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Receive Messages from Twilio

Hey there, i´m trying to receive sms from twilio to store some data (to, from, body) into a bubble database.

is there a way to get this working at all or only by using zapier (with 5min delay) ?

using an api endpoint and the webhook url ( in twilio with HTTP POST doesn´t work so far…;-(

Hey @kai.quitschau,

Twilio is a fantastic service to integrate with and it’s been a delight being able to bring the Twilio plugin to the Bubble community. You’ll have to enable your Twilio number’s Process Inbound Messages option in order to allow for a synchronous HTTP request to be made to your endpoint. Be sure to setup your workflow to recognize the parameters that Twilio sends your way too. Two-way SMS messaging can be so magical. :slight_smile:

i ´ve modified the endpoint parameters a bit, so now it´s working. thx a lot :slight_smile:

interesting is, that the twilio debugger is now reporting an 502 error (bad gateway), but the message is still received in bubble.

Twilio is expecting a particular response (or rather set of possible responses) back from the webhook, and since we don’t have control over the format of the Bubble response it doesn’t seem like it will work error free.

Quite what Twilio will do if it gets a lot of 502 errors is unknown.

You could probably wrap the Bubble API call in something that provides a null response - that is what Twilio wants if you are telling it “Don’t worry about doing anything with this”.


Glad to hear you got it working. Regarding Twilio’s Error 11200, their documentation seems adamant about mentioning your response to their message receipt call must be of the ‘text/html’ Content-Type. You could setup another API to return a proper response every time, though at the expense of another workflow counting against you just to suppress the error in the Twilio Debugger. Since you’re receiving all the information you need in the original POST call, you could get away with not having to clear this Bad Gateway error.

Not sure how another API is going to help the response from the API. We don’t have control over what bubble returns and how. The whole XML/TwiML thing isn’t doable I don’t think, at least not with native bubble functions.

But since it does get stored, you could just go with the errors for now.

That seems fair, though at the moment I’m not receiving any errors in the Debugger. Regardless, give things a go and see what works.

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