Twilio - Help with Bulk Text Notifications via API Connector

I’ve been working on setting up bulk text notifications using the Twilio API and the API Connector and I could use some guidance.

Has anyone successfully set up bulk text notifications using the Twilio API (maybe Twilio Notify)? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience and, if possible, see a screenshot of your API call setup. It would be incredibly helpful for me to have a closer look at how you’ve configured everything.

Any tips, tricks, or insights you can share would be greatly appreciated!

For just sending an SMS message:

This is Twilio Notify’s REST API:

Hey @johnny, thanks for the reply!
My issue is more of finding a way to send the same text message to multiple numbers at the same time, let’s say 25 numbers.

I see, I don’t believe Twilio has a bulk SMS endpoint, you would need to either:

  1. Schedule a list of workflows to send the SMS messages


  1. Use a recursive workflow to do the same

We did this with Twilio notify very recently!
It’s little tricky. You should use Raw text to send parameters as you probably don’t know how many numbers you’re gonna send the message to but set Content type to Form data. I’ll send the setup screenshot in a while.

Oh man, thanks a ton!
Yes, that is what I had in mind to set the content to Form-data.

Hey man here are the screenshots
Lmk if you need any more help

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Thank you so much!
That’s exactly what I was looking for. I;ll give it a try!