Twilio Notify Facebook API - Possible?

Hi All,

In my quest to find a more robust solution for a notification system I have found the perfect fit, the Twilio Notify API which can be used with the messenger platform.

Is this possible to use with the platform? Not a clue where I would start with this one. I have some very light experience of using the Bubble API to fire requests.

Basically, is this something that can be setup/connected with Bubble using available tools without needing a degree in computer science?


Can you explain more what you are looking for? What do you mean for more robust solution for a notification system? What do you currently use? What are you trying to do with Messenger + Twilio + Bubble?

Hi Jici,

I need to notify a subscribed user through a channel to get notifications on to the lock screen. Push requires wrapping and is complex. I looked at Whatsapp but pricing kicks in via Twilio as well as the initial integration and having to go through application process. Facebook is great because we have a message app with the rights and core audience has messenger installed. Email requires user to setup contact as vip plus deliverability issues etc. So we need a workflow to authenticate user to collect ID to store and then another workflow to send message when triggered. I would like to know what is required in terms of setup to get Twilio notify speaking with bubble and operating.

Just an update.

I have authenticated with Twilio fine. I managed to send a successful notification API call but I am having trouble understanding the Bindings element and what parameters to send and more importantly, how to obtain them. Im thinking messenger ID is different to a facebook user ID which is different again to the Twilio Identiy. Confusing but will continue at it!

But I just don’t understand why you use twilio and bubble. Why not to connect Facebook API directly to Bubble?

Also, there’s different push notification plugin available for Bubble.

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Say I have 250 Users, I need a way to message all of them at certain times a day. The messages need to go out around the same time (i.e not 250 spread over 10 minutes) and as fast as possible.

Email Deliverability is fair but the users want a notification of some sort that will come to lock screen. This is possible with email but is reliant on the user to make sure email is added as contact and that they have their email setup on their phone (not all do) and that we are marked as VIP or similar to allow notifications on screen and that relevant device settings have the notifications enabled. With all the possible configs, it’s messy.

I have looked at Twilio for Whatsapp but its still not cost effective due to volume and location. Telegram is limited from what I can see. Messenger and Facebook are like fort knox with this stuff. OneSignal could work but from what I have read, you would need Bubble as an app, wrapped in order to get device ids. Im then assuming this would require me to publish it as iOS/Android App to get approved and so on. SMS too expensive.

The idea was to piggyback off one of these well know message channels but you can’t. I can do it manually which is frustrating but its tight when automating due to the potential to spam etc.

I understand. You will always face some limitation for each possible solutions.
If you have issue with configuring other step, please post what you have and what issue your facing and someone should be able to help :wink:

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