Twilio Video plugin

Hi, Bubblers
We developed a very cool Twilio Video plugin
The plugin allows you to create conferencing, video and audio calls in your bubble application using Twilio API

Our team is ready to develop any plugin for you. If you’ll need help, please contact me!


This is great! Thanks.

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Thank you!!

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HI @ilavrova is there a demo of this plugin?


Found the demo, has a few errors

The plugin Twilio Video (testing) / action leave a TwilioVideoCtrl threw the following error: TrackOff@
anonymous@PLUGIN_Twilio-Video--testing--element_action--TwilioVideoCtrl-leave-.js:5:17 (please check your plugin's code)

Thanks for the feedback, it is very important for us!
We checked and caught this bug.
This happens when you try to leave a room in which you are not there or if you are not logged into the system)
We changed the demo a bit to eliminate such bugs.

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Does this plugin have the ability to record to the cloud for later retrieval?



You could subscribe and test it, right? Costs less than 50 cents per day. (Subscription plugins are prorated.)

The Twilio client API DOES enable what you want. If that’s supported in this particular plugin, I’m not entirely sure. (I tried it briefly — for SCIENCE — and found it rather tweaky. The Twilio Client API is a bit challenging vis-a-vis Bubble.)

It’s actually super simple to use Twilio Client to make robocalls (and I have a Twilio plug-in that does just that). It’s less clear that Twilio Client makes WebRTC any easier to configure in Bubble. (In fact, it’s really hard.)

(The weird thing about WebRTC and Bubble is that the “hard” part of WebRTC is the server part… but all Bubble apps already have a server involved. The issue is that helper libs like Twilio Client assume you’re in the serverless boat — but you’re not… because server.) :man_shrugging:

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Hi! Yes, It is possible to save the video. This is a basic twilio feature. You can disable the recording save or leave the default. If the record was saved, you can play it right on the bubble page, the plugin also provides such an opportunity)


Thanks @jennifervasilenko for your prompt reply, I will take a look.

@jennifervasilenko @ilavrova - your team’s plugin appears to have a critical bug. The plugin throws a “could not connect to Twilio: token must be a string” error - this occurs during “getTokenA” action in the workflow.

The error occurs on both the plugin demo page that you have and in my test app.

I’m guessing this may be related to needing to serialize the token into a jwt string?
// Serialize the token to a JWT string
return token.toJwt();

Thanks, we will check it)

We checked the plugin, everything is fine!
This problem arose because you tried to start video without creating a room.
Now we have limited the availability of control buttons until a broadcast room is created.
Everything works correctly)

How to properly check (and configure) the work:

  1. Login
  2. enter the name of the room and click Create room
  3. Click Video

If you need to connect an interlocutor to you, he must:
2)enter the name of your room
3)click Join
4)click Video.

If you want to join a previously created room, enter its name (if there is one) and click Join

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Thanks for the response @jennifervasilenko, however, I did start the video after creating a room (please refer to the log in the screenshot that I provided). I reproduced it at least ten times on both your demo page and my app, which is using a paid version of this plugin.

This morning, I repeated the same steps as I did yesterday and your demo page works, but my app reproduces the same error. I see that your demo page is using the test/dev version of the plugin (i.e. not the published version), which would automatically integrate any updates that your team may have applied, while the published version will not. Can you please provide a working demo with the published version of your plugin? This would help us troubleshoot the issue.

If it helps, I have injected a console.log javascript code after each of the workflow items in my app (I modeled the same exact workflow steps as your demo page…again, you can see in the log that the Room is successfully created but the token is not being generated as a string):

You can see from my browser’s console that the Room is successfully generated (the Room SID is circled in red, the room name follows it after the comma) but the token is not being returned as a string (underlined in orange [it is blank]…“Joe” is the identity of getTokenA, which in your app is the user’s email address). I’m guessing you may need to update your published version of the plugin - the paid version is not working as of now and it appears the bottleneck is the getTokenA workflow action.

Also, I have pointed the Token_Server_URL to the index page of my app, as you have done in your demo app. Please let me know if I can help provide additional information. I was hoping to use this plugin instead of spending the time/resources to create one myself. Happy to help.

@supernaturally Can you show the whole process step by step, when you have an error?
We cannot track this issue. If possible, write down the whole process in steps or record a video from the screen so that we can help you.
You can send it to so we will help you faster

@jennifervasilenko I submitted the requested information via email about a week ago, but have not yet received a response from skillum. Any update?

Also, can your team please refund the subscription for the time being. Thank you.

@supernaturally Hi!
We saw your request.
Work is underway to verify your request. The manager will contact you with a solution asap.

To update everyone - apparently this plugin requires you to connect to a third-party server in Russia (i.e. the developer) to generate the token:"

That may be okay for some folks, but I am canceling my subscription and will be developing a private plugin.

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Thanks for the heads up. Yeah I am with you on that one, very odd!!

Let us know how you plugin dev goes. There still isn’t a reliable solution on the plugin universe yet!

In the near future we will update the plugin, we do it without reference to our server.

P.S.:Our server in Germany, Frankfurt.

Hey there, I am thinking about purchasing your plugin. Has this been changed so there is no need to contact your / skillums server.

Also is it possible to record videos of individual participants and save them to the direct to the bubble s3 server, not to the twilio servers?

Thank you!