Cost of Plugin Development?


I was wondering if any code savvy devs could give me a price estimate for the development of a plugin that uses this site.

I’m looking to know the cost for both commercial and non-commercial ownership of the plugin.

Thank you.

Did you have a clear features list that you wanted from the plugin? It seems like they offer a large suite of products (i.e video meetings, live streaming etc). Feel free to message me further and I could look into this for you.

I just published a Twilio Video Meetings API that essentially hosts video meetings in a bubble application, so I am familiar with setting up these kinds of plugins in Bubble. You can check out all my plugins at: TBW-Plugins

Just audio and video calling / meetings currently. The style of features that something like has minus the screen sharing although if you could give me an estimate for that with screen sharing too that would be hugely appreciated.


If thats all the functionality then the Twilio Plugin I have built will provide all of that. The UI is completely customisable by you and screen sharing is already enabled.

If your completely set on using the proposed API, it is something I could built but it is likely to be north of $1000 USD on my hourly rate and all the proposed functionality is already available in the Twilio plugin.