Twitter 1.0a authorization

Hi everyone, I am working with the Twitter API and I want to subscribe to events (to get DMs in real time) I am already using the Twitter advanced API plugin but it does not allow me the flexibility that I need.

I have followed the steps of creating a signature and Authorizing a request from Twitter doc but I still get error message (code 32 couldn’t authenticate).

My signature code looks like this before hash (I am using the exemple from the doc): POST& KEY%26oauth_nonce%3dqtZE2YsbEEZpiNY80M4bB1xzIueWMuYsliQgTXlsd4U%26oauth_signature_method%3dHMAC-SHA1%26oauth_timestamp%3d1318622958%26oauth_token%3dTOKEN%26oauth_version%3d1.0%26status%3dHello%2520Ladies%2520%252B%2520Gentlemen%252C%2520a%2520signed%2520OAuth%2520request%2521

My API call looks like this

And my authorization header like this

(The values for the signature / nonce & timestamp are dynamic data from previous steps)

Is there any one out there who made it work or any dev familiar with the Twiter 1.0a API?

Thanks for your help

Hi Nicolas, you mentioned elsewhere that you had resolved this, would love to see a brief explanation of the solution here…