Two Sided Market Place

Hi I’m looking to create an MVP for a start-up idea that will be a two-side marketplace. Can anyone recommend a simple template or a freelancer who maybe able to create a simple public customized MVP of this two sided marketplace?

Hey Patrick :slight_smile: welcome to Bubble Forums!

There’s literally a bunch of marketplace templates out there, so you’ll need to be a lot more detailed than that for a good advice :sunglasses:

Hey Patrick, I am currently in the process of building a marketplace as well. My advice would be to try and do it yourself because once you know how to build using this software you won’t need to keep outsourcing for new features, updates etc.

The downside is that it may take a while to fully understand the app. My co-founder and I (both non-technical) invested a solid month in learning how it all works before delving into development ourselves.

In regards to templates, you can learn a fair bit from Zeroqode’s templates

At the start of our Bubble journey we purchased a few to learn fast from best practices. But unfortunately we learned that we couldn’t build our software using any template and had to start fresh.

Best of luck!

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