Two type of content in one dropdown list


I haven’t found something usefull so I ask.
I have two type of content. How to propose their content filtered on the creator in one dropdown list so the user can select one.

The goal is to provide a new type of content and link one element from the two others to this one.



Hi olivier,

not sure I understand exactly what you mean.
For dropdowns you can make them content type text or number and then you could merge 2 lists eg like below but only show the text in the dropdown.


If you want to show restaurants and comments but be able to select a restaurant one time and a comment another time, it is better to add a new datatype though called e.g. restocomment that has a field restaurant and a field comment.

If this does not solve your problem, just pm me, happy to get on a quick call to help you.


You can check out this app editor

It has four different data types in one search…however it is not a drop down element, it is a repeating group ( well 4 ) using an input for search…probably not exactly what you’re looking to create but you could side step the search input and just use a “button” to open the results


Thank you for your help, I take a look on this and thank you Julius I will let you know if I need help.



Sorry for the delay :slight_smile: I’ve tried to find by myself but I don’t know how to do that.

To explain, I have two data tpes : Assets and Peoples.
Now I wan’t my user to create a Contract and select in a dropdown one of the assets or peoples.

I don’t know how to have, in a dropdown, all the elements (name of the Asset and first-name of the People.

I hope it’s clearer now.



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