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How to setup a dropdown

Is there a video or lesson showing how to setup a dropdown menu with multiple choices? Thanks.

Start by defining your data source for the dropdown. What do you want your choices to be? If a list of users:

Type = User

Data Source = Search for Users (add constraints to filter your users if necessary)

Choice Label (I think that’s the name of it) = A text field that can be used to identify each user…what you see in the dropdown (most likely a name here)

Where you go from here depends on what you want to do with it. What are your goals?

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Thanks for the response. I have 3 separate save buttons on a page. They save an event according to it’s importance and when the user pulls the event, the ‘title’ of save type appears in a text box. But 3 buttons looks rather amateur. I want to replace them with the cleaner look and feel of a drop down and one save button.

Could you share a link? I need a little more context to understand, but it sounds like we can achieve what you need.

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This is what i’m trying to do. Works perfect. Thanks for the help. :wink:

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