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Type Ahead Feature - Native iOS App - Limitation

I’m reaching out in the hope that someone has a solution for this limitation.

I’m using the Bubble Input Form element “Search Box”, which has the Type Ahead feature.

This Search Box works fine when accessed via a browser on the desktop.

When I access my App on my iPhone, the user cannot enter any value and this field is locked.

I logged this as Bug with the Bubble team, and their feedback was that the Twitter Type Ahead plugin being used for this element isn’t 100% mobile compatible and there was not much they could do.

This issue is not showstopper for my App, but the UX will not be that great :frowning:

Has anyone of you run into this issue and found a workaround?

What about a simple Input field?

That won’t work.

The Search Box has a similar UX as Google Search - as you type, it autocompletes and the suggestions get filtered.

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Any progress in finding a solution here @madras?

I have read elsewhere online regarding typeahead updates… I do notice that the search bar element works very nicely on my mobile browser (Safari).

It glitches out when I try to use it in a native app (via the Bubble Account iOS app).

I’m sure the code can be tweaked to have it working in a webapp that is in the App Store - but I am curious - maybe it works fine once “packaged” into a hybrid app??

Have you gotten to the point of testing a native app (outside of the bubble environment); using the search bar element?

I don’t have any good news to report :frowning:

I went through the entire process with my native app and was able to deploy as an iOS app (packaged hybrid) from the apple store (pilot). Unfortunately, the typeahead just does not work.

I don’t know your use case but an alternative could be use a normal input box with a search button next to it. It is not the same thing UX wise, but this works when packaged as a iOS app.

Also, since native app is beta the support from bubble is not guaranteed.

Ultimately, I ditched the native app route and converted the whole app to a mobile web app.

forgot to add - you might find this posting helpful.

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Would creating a repeating group above the SearchBox that essentially is equal to the Typed Text of the Searchbox be a workaround for this?

Users could then a button inside the cell of the filtered repeating group to select the desired input, no?

Thanks madras

That link you posted in this thread - @natedogg just said he had been able to make the searchbox work in an app store app… Look into that if you continue to go that route.
I will post here if I end up doing that as well… I may be doing a change in the app so that I am not using the search box element (for now anyway)

I have used a text input to “recreate” a search functionality - but depending on the situation its just not the same. I may still play around.

Hey @jordanfaucet,

Finally found the forum post.

You’ll need to make a change to the .css file as listed here by @vaughnwibbles :

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