Odd beavbiour with Safari on iOS

I have just finished creating a simple form on my bubble app and when testing it on Safari (iPhone) the browser behaves very oddly.

As soon as I tap an input to begin typing, part of the browser (the bit above the keyboard) becomes detached and displays at the top of the screen. The user also loses sight of the input they are typing into.

I have tested on Chrome (iphone and desktop) and the form appears to work fine, just seems to be on Safair iOS.

Anyone had similar problems or know why this is happening?

I am using version 3 of Bubble after updating it a few days ago.

Just for additional info on this, I have reverted back to version 2, but the problem is still there. So, doesn’t appear to be with update.

turned it off and on again… :roll_eyes:

90% of the time… that is the solution :grinning:

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