[Bubble Interface] Why some type selectors do NOT support search?

I have been noticing this issue for quite a while now, and I am not sure why there is inconsistency between type selectors across the Bubble interface: some allow you to type to search the thing you are selecting, and some do not.

And the ones that do not, they have the data things sorted in random order (rather than alphabetical), and I usually have to scroll through the entire list to find what I want. As the app gets complex, this becomes confusing and time consuming

Is there a good reason for this?

Hey @akhella :wave:

Yeah, I find it annoying as well. Maybe we can submit something on the ideaboard to get Bubble to take a look at it.

I believe the reason for this is because in other places, it allows for you to type in text or choose some other type of data, but not in this place. This dropdown must be a dataType or Option Set or other choice in the dropdown and cannot be an entered text. I think this is the way they help us to not break our apps by typing in data that is not allowed.

Not sure if this is why they don’t let us do a search here. I still feel like maybe there is a way for Bubble to change it to a way to search by typing. Typical dropdown elements allow us to do it, so why not here.

Anyways, not sure the real reason, this is just my guess. Still might want to submit an idea though. Never know, maybe they can add this functionality in the future. :man_shrugging:

Hope that helps! :blush:

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