Type of content -> Parent thing

I don’t know if this is a cry for help or an idea.

I’m currently on a DRY quest trying to convert as many elements as possible to Reusable. However, I still miss one important feature for the Reusable to actually be helpful. This is, to be able to reference the Parent thing as a Type of content.

I’m currently converting a “Datatable” element to a reusable that is quite common in admin backends. The problem is that having to change all fields once I deploy to a page is a royal pain in the ass and defeats the purpose of the reusable.

What I would like is to create Reusables and reference the type of content as take the parent thing. Then on the page I would create a group with a content type of “User” for instance and inside it I would drop the reusable. All common and calculated fields would be taken from the Parent type which is user.

Then I would create another group call “Category” and drop again the reusable and this would again retrieve the common and calculated fields from the parent.

When I refer to common fields or calculations I mean: Created by, uniqueid, modified by and all the calculated fields like :count, :first element, etc

So every field and calculated field that is common to all app types. I know user created fields would be much more difficult but would be great to be able to reference them to in the parent. When I create apps I usually create App types that have common fields.

Another option would be to define in the Settings a set of user created fields that will be always part of the type. Same as Bubble has uniqueid for all. I could define Start Date and End Date to be common to all my data types. Then referencing them through parent shouldn’t be a problem. You could limit the fields you can retrieve from parent as those defined as system fields and user common fields.

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