Type of Web App + Resource. Help Please!

Hello everyone, Newbie here! I’m just getting started with Bubble and was hoping someone code point me in the right direction. I’m interested in building a web app with will allow users to track multiple projects with different logins (i’m guessing using APIs) and pull data from those sources to track in one place. Just to be sure I’m clear, say I work for a,b,c,d, and e companies. I want to track all assignments from all those companies in this new web app. I want to be able to login in to all those companies from this web app and have access to certain information so it makes tracking assignments, details, payments, etc simpler for me.

Can anyone tell me the type of web app this would be considered as and point me in the direction of a resource that would help me learn to build this web app?

Thanks in advance for all your help and suggestions!

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I guess this will be a SaaS (service as a software) platform type. There are a lot of basic tutorials for bubble that you can check out. The hardest part will most likely be setting up the API.