Types of Users Question


I am very new to this but i am trying to build a simple app to learn. I am making an app that involves 3 types of user:

Manager - This person will create an account and start the process. Managers will have multiple team leaders and will want to see which members are in each team.

Team Leader - This persons data will be input by the manager but then i want them to be able to log in and see their information, but this should be a “team leader” specific area they log in to. Leaders will have a few people in their team and they will also want to see who their manager is

Team Member - This persons data will also be input by the manger and they should also be able to log in and see their specific data. Team members might have multiple team leaders but mostly they will just want to see who their team leader is and be able to upload a file for them.

I think i can work through most of the functionality (I hope) but i was wondering about usertypes:

  • Should i just create a “user type” field and use conditional formatting to display the correct information for each user?
  • Can the Manager sign people up without them using the app initially?

Thank you for your help!

I would use usertype as a data field, yes.
Then just a text for the type: “Manager”

The manager would need to be able to generate some kind of credentials internally - that they could then communicate to their “team”.

The managers could sync a person with an email - or a series of numbers; then the person could access the portion of that app intended for them but inputtig what the manager gives them. On a piece of paper or something haha.

They don’t have to “sign up” technically.

That makes sense, thank you so much. I’m probably getting way too ahead of myself but figured its best to try and do a few things right early on!

So in theory I as the manager could fill in all of the details of a new leader / member and then use a workflow to sign each of them up and assign them a usertype and then generate an email for them with their username and password (I think)! Will give it a go, thanks!

They will have to sign up or sign in at some point.

But yes - you can “generate them” internally from your database - then choose a way to match them, with real world people. Even a four digit number code. Very much depends on how you decide to do it.

But if they will be inputting any data - and therefore changing the app experience for themselves and other viewers; they will have to be formally added to your database with a user registration workflow.

I noticed the “sign someone up” workflow item. So the current plan is to add the user with their data and then sign them up. They can confirm their email and log on but with their usertype already defined I can hopefully set the content settings up so they get the correct interface - If im completely barking up the wrong tree please let me know.


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Makes sense to me! That definitely sounds like a good way